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Rijeka is a city and seat of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in Croatia. It is the largest Croatian port and the third-largest city in Croatia. It is situated on the northern coast of the Kvarner bay where the Mediterranean (Adriatic) sea most deeply indented to the European mainland. Rijeka has a long history and numerous archaeological findings, such as the foundations of Roman walls, the remains of Roman baths telling us that the city was an important port during the time of the ancient Romans. 

The first written mention of Rijeka originates from the 13th century, when the historical sources mentioned two settlements: Trsat, on a hill on the left bank of the river Rječina and Rijeka, on the coast on the right bank of the river Rječina. After a turbulent history finally, after World War 2 cities Rijeka and Sušak integrated into the city of Rijeka. 

Today Rijeka is a modern port and industrial city that is increasingly turning to tourism. Korzo is the city's main promenade in the center of the town. Trsat castle and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Trsat, botanical garden and Natural museum with multimedia center and aquarium are one of the main attractions of the city. In the city, you can relax on one of the many public beaches, like beach Ploče and Kostanj, proud owners of the Blue Flag, which is the best proof of clean sea. 

In Rijeka are organized a number of cultural and entertainment events, like Rijeka summer nights, and Rijeka carnival, one of the most famous carnivals in the world. Rijeka is the ideal starting point for discovering the entire Kvarner. From Rijeka depart numerous ship and catamaran lines to the Kvarner islands. Mountains of Gorski kotar in the hinterland of Rijeka are a real natural oasis for lovers of active vacations, peace, tranquility, and unspoiled nature. 

We invite you to visit the Kvarner and Rijeka and spend a pleasant and interesting holiday in modern apartments in the center of Rijeka. Welcome to Rijeka and Croatia!

Top 10 attractions to visit in Rijeka

A quick overview of ten Rijeka’s specialties you shouldn’t miss.

  • KORZO - Rijeka is reflected in Korzo, at Korzo you can read Rijeka. Anyone who, at least once, had a coffee at one of the terraces of numerous and picturesque café bars lined along this unusual promenade, would agree.
  • TRSAT CASTLE - Trsat Castle represents a strategically embossed gazebo on a hill 138 meters above sea level that dominates Rijeka.
  • ST. VITUS' CATHEDRAL - Rijeka’s St. Vitus Cathedral is the only Baroque rotunda of monumental dimensions built on Croatian land.
  • CITY TOWER - City Tower, a symbol of Rijeka, is a good example of a typical round tower access-point, which leads into the fortified town.
  • CITY MARKET - The main city market was built at the end of the 19th century by the seashore.
  • SHRINE OF OUR LADY OF TRSAT AND THE TRSAT FRANCISCAN MONASTERY - The Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat is the largest center of pilgrimage in western Croatia.
  • IVAN KOBLER SQUARE - Passing under the round City Tower, the former main medieval town entrance that gave access to the coast, you enter the center of Rijeka’s Old Town...
  • RIJEKA'S BEACHES - Whether you would like to spend your holiday with your family, on an active sports holiday, enjoying romantic moments, alone or being entertained – Rijeka has the beach for everyone’s taste.
  • BREAKWATER - The existing breakwater of the main port’s pool is famously known as the “Molo Longo” because of its length of 1707 m which today function as a passenger terminal and coastal promenade.
  • NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM RIJEKA - In addition to the botanical garden, the museum has a multimedia center with an aquarium containing species from the Adriatic Sea.

Source: Rijeka Tourist office

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